Friday & Saturday
November 11 & 12 2022


White Hills Farm
Dearing Georgia



3Ts Farms

Iteago Felton – otherwise known as “Farmer T” – is not messing around when it comes to building a good-food legacy. In fact, on his daughter’s 16th birthday this year, he gifted her the title of CEO of 3Ts Farms in Lincolnton, GA. “That’s how serious I am about this,” he said.

“In the Bible, it talks about how farmers were expected to give 10% of their crops to the church in order to help feed the community. I’m about to start doing the same here,” he said. “I’ve got an inspiration to try to pull youth into all this … helping them get their own farms started someday.”

“My wife might kill me for saying this, but I’ve got big plans to keep growing.”

Iteago, a retired Army medic of 32 years, has a whole lot already going on at 3Ts Farms: goats, turkey, chickens, guinea hens, rabbits, 2 donkeys, and a wide variety of heritage breed hogs. “I keep finding new pigs,” he laughed. “I’m like a hog addict now.” Iteago credits Jon Jackson of STAG VETS and Comfort Farms – and one of our event speakers – as a mentor and a friend. He also helps out weekly at Happy Valley, the local meat processing business in Dearing, GA, where he has learned much about that end of the livestock business.

Iteago purchased his 25 acres in Lincoln County while he was active duty at Fort Gordon, 2005-2008. Upon retirement in 2015, he started farming. Iteago and his wife, Felecia – along with their CEO daughter, Anteaona – have plans to add vegetable gardens and a greenhouse to the farm next year.

Together they will gift a turkey and rabbits to this event, and they will also bring an automatic feather plucker, a fascinating contraption for anyone who’s handplucked! We are deeply honored that they’ll all be joining us for Boucherie on Nov 8-9.