Friday & Saturday
November 11 & 12 2022


White Hills Farm
Dearing Georgia



Chef Hipolito Sanchez

Lead Chef for Team Goat

Hipolito Sanchez is the Pitmaster/Owner of Slow Motion for Meat in Chicago, Illinois . Affectionately known as “The Mayor” you’ll find his cooking style well-versed in Mexican cuisine, raised from Southwest Texas roots. Slow Motion for Meat has made BBQ, Whole Hog, and Live Fire Events their specialty. If it needs to be cooked and it needs a fire they’ll make it delicious! Awards include: 2014 Neuske’s Baconfest Chicago Champion; 2014 Bacon Takedown Champion; 2015 Soup Takedown Champion; 2015 Taco Takedown Champion; 2016 Mac N Cheese Takedown Champion; 2016 Chicago HogFight Champion (Kimski’s x SlowMotionforMeat); 2016 Culinary Fight Club Chili Champion. Nationally, he humbly supports farmers and boucheries such as Blood On The River, Runaway Boucherie, Le Pied Du Mont, and Fete De Bouchers, and is committed to educating and participating in native indigenous ways and BBQ Live Fire cooking. On the professional side, he is found at events such as the Chicago Blues Festival, Windy City SmokeOut, NRA Show, NBBQA, and various shows and events across the country. In the mission of good food, his team supports organizations by deploying equipment and manpower such as Fight2Feed, The Salvation Army, The American Red Cross, and Operation BBQ Relief.