Friday & Saturday
November 11 & 12 2022


White Hills Farm
Dearing Georgia



Chef Rick Powless

I am Haudenosaunee (Oneida Nation of the Thames), Bear Clan. I am an Indigenous Chef and have spent over 20 years in the food service industry. After having both knees replaced, I became a Chef Instructor, teaching high school students (grades 10-12) skills needed within the industry.

As a mentor, support system and role model for my students, I have found myself wanting to learn even more to benefit both myself and my students. This past year, I have found myself yearning to “come home” and learn Indigenous foods and foodways.

I have a very positive, energetic attitude and enjoy working with others, especially when it comes to learning new techniques, cooking methods and foods I am unfamiliar/uncomfortable with.

I also have a food blog. “mymirepoix.com/