Friday & Saturday
November 11 & 12 2022


White Hills Farm
Dearing Georgia



Goings On


Boucherie is a dynamic festival of local flavors, a celebration of harvest, a gathering as old as the hills.

Regionally and nationally acclaimed chefs have teamed up with farmers to showcase local foods.

Augusta Boucherie is a live event.
Good things take time.
Humane practices are rooted in patience.

As we teach and work together, things may take longer (or shorter) than we humans plan for.
Let’s all take grace into account.

Fully commit to each day you attend.
This is a rare opportunity to mingle among the cook-side tables of widely experienced farm-to-table culinarians.
Come to witness – and contribute to – the shared work of chefs and farmers.

There will be constant cooking and – then – constant tasting.

There will be drinking.

There will be invitations to get hands-on.
Perhaps really hands-on, if that’s your thing.

There will be poetry, philosophy, profanity and free reality checks.

Horse shoes, corn hole, darts.

Fourteen cook teams. Fourteen speakers.
A dozen “grow your own” workshops.


Dress up. Dress down. Either works.
Put your boots on.

There will be fire.

There will be death and prayer.

There will be life, sustained by real food.


Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Coming Soon!