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Goings On | Augusta Boucherie

Goings On

Boucherie is a dynamic festival of local flavors, a celebration of harvest, a gathering as old as the hills.

Regionally and nationally acclaimed chefs have teamed up with farmers to showcase local foods.

Augusta Boucherie is a live event.
Good things take time.
Humane practices are rooted in patience.

As we teach and work together, things may take longer (or shorter) than we humans plan for.
Let’s all take grace into account.

Fully commit to each day you attend.
This is a rare opportunity to mingle among the cook-side tables of widely experienced farm-to-table culinarians.
Come to witness – and contribute to – the shared work of chefs and farmers.

There will be constant cooking and – then – constant tasting.

There will be drinking.

There will be invitations to get hands-on.
Perhaps really hands-on, if that’s your thing.

There will be poetry, philosophy, profanity and free reality checks.

Horse shoes, corn hole, darts.

Fourteen cook teams. Fourteen speakers.
A dozen “grow your own” workshops.


Dress up. Dress down. Either works.
Put your boots on.

There will be fire.

There will be death and prayer.

There will be life, sustained by real food.


Here’s what we’ve got planned:

Friday – Nov 8


Gates Open

Lavender Barn Open for VIP guests

Between Noon & Six

Poultry Harvest
Rabbit Harvest
Feather Plucking Circle
Goat Harvest
Hog Smoke Prep
Rooster Bog Prep
Rabbit Prep
Veggie Prep
Oyster Roast

Honeybush Tea, Water, Coffee

Cash Bar:
GA Craft Beers, Other Beers, Wine

Mini Farmers Market

Yard Games

At Two

Simple Syrup Demo & Samples
in the Lavender Barn for VIP guests

At Four

Chefs Round Table
Corn Tipping Circle

At Five

Walk About Meal

Saturday – Nov 9

At Six am

Gates Open

Lavender Barn Open for VIP guests

At Six Fifty-Four am

Butcher’s Prayer at Sunrise
Iroquois Thanksgiving Address

Between Seven am & Nine am

Hog Harvest
Hog Butchery
Breakfast: Hominy Grits Bar

Between Seven am & Six pm

Teaching, cooking and then sampling …
Pit Cooked River Fish
Goat Sopes
Boudin Sausage
Backbone Stew
Cracklin’ & Gratons
Barbeque Hash
Quails & Squash
Wood Cooked Duck
Venison Jerky (if the stars align)
Candied Squash
Fall Turkeys
Fire Cracker Leaf Bread
…and more as inspired by the harvest

Honeybush Tea, Water, Coffee

Coffee Mobile

Cash Bar:
GA Craft Beers, Other Beers, Wine

Mini Farmers Market

Yard Games


Pig Pickin’
Prosciutto Style Cochon du Lait

At Ten am

Simple Syrup Demo & Samples
in the Lavender Barn for VIP guests

At Two pm

Herb Tea Tasting
in the Lavender Barn for VIP guests

Between Eleven am & Five pm

Cash Bar:
GA Craft Beers, Other Beers, Wine

Between Nine am & Five pm

Local & Regional Speakers…

Nine am

A Homily for Hominy

Nine Thirty am

Eating from the River

Ten am

The Hunt for Heirloom Watermelons
& the History of Watermelons in the South

Ten Thirty am

The Politics of Backyard Poultry

Eleven am

Veterans & Farming: Growing Security

Eleven Thirty am

Indigenous Women in Agriculture


Cooking Up Compassion

Twelve Thirty pm

Building Soil

One pm

Heritage Crops: The Return of Flavor

One Thirty pm

Sustainable Family Mealtime: Why Having Meals with Food You Enjoy and People You Love Is the Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture

Two pm

Nutrition Security

Two Thirty pm

The History of Carolina Gold Rice

Three pm

The Three Sisters’ Diet & Food Sovereignty

Between Nine am & Five pm

Grow Your Own Workshops…

Nine am

Wool Spinning Demo (not confirmed)

Ten am

Wild Forage Wreath Making Demo

Eleven am

Vermiculture Demo


Fire Cider Demo & Samples

One pm

Honey Samples & Mead Making Demo

Two pm

Mushroom Log Demo

Three pm

Organic Controls: Know Your Pests

Four pm

Vermiculture Demo II

Five pm

Wild Forage Wreath Making Demo II


Boucherie Concludes

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